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Tanana Dog Mushers Association

2015 Race Schedule Available on Dog Racing Schedule page.

Spring is here again and we will begin posting 2015 sponsors on sponsor page and race results and pictures during the carnival. Should be a big race this year.


2014 Race Results on Tanana Race Results Page

Jason Dunlap

Greg Taylor2

Jack Berry

Rob Peebles

John Erhart

Our 2015 sponsor page has started and will be added to soon (which we consider most important as a thanks to those persons and organizations)

2015 race schedule page is now up to date also. Download and print a copy of the race schedule (and purse money) yourself right from this page.

2015 Race Schedule Available on Dog Racing Schedule page


 Ruby Marine Open Championship Race

Banner Best 2010 crop

 Below is a video of 13 mushers passing through the 3 mile checkpoint on the Yukon River race trail during the 2008 race

large file (50 MB) so best to download by - right click on link and select save target as)

Click Here for Race Video

     The Yukon River Championship Sled Dog Race got its start back in the 1930’s when the Tanana Commercial Company challenged the rival Northern Commercial Company to put up a purse for a race from Tanana down the Yukon River. By 1959 the race had become an established 18-mile sprint race and the first real trophy was put out, still owned by Lester Erhart of Tanana. The association has in recent years sponsored a main open class 16-mile race on the Yukon River that draws many of the luminaries of sprint dog racing and has sponsored distance races from Tanana to Ruby, to Rampart, and to Allakaket in recent years. It currently also sponsors an 80 mile two day race down river to Folgers fish camp and back, a woman's race, an old people's race, a Cheechako race, as well as snowshoe races and junior races.


 2012 Yukon River Open Championship 1st place - Greg TaylorGreg Taylor

  2012 Yukon River Open Championship 2nd place
 Tanana’s John Erhart
John Erhart redo

(race results on TDMA Race Results page)

     The Tanana Dog Mushers' Association sponsors the Yukon River Championship Sled Dog Race held in Tanana each year around the 1st of April. As a nonprofit organization we rely heavily on sponsors in addition to the money we raise locally with a variety of fund-raisers.
Marvine Kokrine redo

2012 Yukon River Open Championship Sled Dog Race 3rd Place - Marvine Kokrine

     The town of Tanana has had a spring carnival with dog races as its centerpiece since 1934. It is the biggest time of the year in Tanana. Mushers come from all over the state with well known persons such as George Attla, Joey Reddington, Charlie Boulding, Marvin Kokrines, Curtis and Shannon Erhart and many others attending including our local but well known mushers, John and Lester Erhart, Pat Moore, and Francis Roberts

Becky Erhart best
Becky Erhart - 2011 and 2012 Womens Championship race winner

                Tanana Dog Mushers Association                
Box 55, Tanana, AK 99777

President- Patrick Moore
 Vice-president- Stan Zuray
Vice-president- Francis Roberts
Treasurer- Thomas Hyslop
Secretary- Lois Huntington, Ruth Althoff

                             Dogs in Tanana

     Dogs are still part of life in rural Alaska. Small and large teams are used for in and out of town transportation to haul wood, water and run trap lines and hunt. They are raised and trained for racing in order to prove their abilities for sale and win races. Every non musher fish camp has at least one or two for companionship and bears.

     Years back an informal survey done by members at a Tanana Dog Mushers meeting counted 47 dog teams in the village of Tanana in 1977. Counted were teams as small 3 dogs and family yards consisting of 70 or more. One fall back then, which is the season of highest numbers because of summer pups, another survey counted 1500 dogs in Tanana and about 450 people. Today there are about a dozen teams and a couple of family yards of 50 or so (and 300 persons). Tanana is one of the places still holding on to the use of dogs. Times are changing but the low salmon runs of the past 15 years has had much to do with this decline which also has affected all areas of subsistence.

Play a Joe Bishop (Whitehorse, Canada) Dog Driving song called Mushing



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